Machine Learning

Spam Filters

Build and evaluate some online spam filter algorithms that can deal with infinite examples and features.

Crafting and Learning Features from Faces

Explored advanced techniques for constructing features that better describe objects of interest and perform a few tasks using these features.

Fine-grained Image Text Alignment for Artworks

Enhanced model align image and text on a fragment level for artworks.

Some jottings for baseline paper of my MAI project

It is been over a semester since my MAI programme started here in KU Leuven! What an exciting new start after flying 30 hours from Southern Hemisphere coastal Auckland to historical university town Leuven!

SF Taxi Trip Analysis

Revenue analysis on GPS traces of taxis in San Francisco.

U.S. Election Prediction

Several predictive models of the 2016 U.S. presidential election based on county-level socio-economic features.